Corporate Presentation

KAT Technologies offers CD presentations, PowerPoint Presentation, Flash & Multimedia presentations development services. It is essential for any business to promote and present your services and products in a professional yet creative manner.

Our team is proficient in creating appealing CD presentations and catalog designs, 3 Dimensional walk-troughs and flash presentations which are sure to generate clients' interest in your products, services and company.

We create presentations knowing that marketing is an important investment for you. We work in collaboration with your suggestions, your style and your budget. We always try to provide economical and customized solutions to our clients.

Flash Technology is one of the widely used tools for creating multimedia presentation because it gives tremendous freedom to create designs in a very low size package optimized for the web. We can build up Flash Presentation including Flash intro, Flash banner ads, Flash interactive websites, corporate presentation, interactive catalogues and interactive training/demo programs.

  • Interactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Sound effects
  • More Effective
  • Updateable
  • Does not require Internet
  • Targeted

Our teams have expertise and skills to create highly effective streaming multimedia presentations, CD product catalogues, 3D walk-throughs and flash presentations.