Online Payment Gateway

We offer online payment solutions to our customers. It is a fully managed online payment solution that facilitates member companies transact with their customers. It has been developed to serve the needs of B2B as well as retail transactions. We can integrate it with your shopping cart or can use options such as online invoicing, quick pay etc. to receive payments from your customers.

KAT Technologies has a solution for almost every online payment requirement, including:

  • Small value payment for samples or an advance.
  • Payments for custom made products.
  • Online Donations.

We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information and their credit card/ debit cards/ net banking details are protected.

Some of the main features

  • Prompt payments, short payment cycles
  • Compatible with third-party shopping carts
  • Multiple transaction services
  • Highly secure - 128-bit SSL encryption.

Accept online bank transfers, credit cards and prepaid cash card payments from your customers. Kat Technologies is here to help you.